Web Page Designs

The main product offered is quality web page design, at an affordable, inexpensive cost. My skills are ever growing, and what I offer are simple designs. I will list the rates as well as what each price level will include. These prices are subject to change, as my ongoing eduction in this area continues, and my skills advance.

For a web page, these following rates apply to a web page with matching link offs. Same background, same text style for each page. For a different background on each page, there will be an additional charge, unless you provide the backgrounds yourself.

Basic page layout, custom background, custom text design for up to four linked pages, as well as the main page. This includes headers for each page, and required buttons for links, up to fifteen separate text buttons total. $30.00

An additional $5.00 per each additional page off, including five additional buttons if necessary.
Simple Graphic Design, headers and buttons only. Up to five header graphics and ten matching buttons. $20.00

An additional $5.00 per 3 additional header graphics and additional 5 matching buttons. Sets must be same text, same font, same style.
Graphic Logo Design - A logo for a company, a Sigil or Device for RP character, a banner or flag. Variations can be discussed. $10.00

Cost may increase for how complicated the design. Will include 3 modifications to ensure customer satisfaction with my designs.