On Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates I offer a video service, for any special occasion. Birthdays, Weddings, Crew Anniversaries, Flag Blockade events, Island takeovers etc. I will gladly do this on any ocean, however I will only be able to accept payment on the Cobalt ocean. No dubloons either, please. :)

The charge for these videos is a flat 50k rate. This includes some custom graphic design as well as plenty of revision time. I take screenshots, I use in game portraits. I use out of game images as well, if desired to flavour the video that much more.

Now, it was suggested I offer an alternate payment method. 50k PoE works out to about $25 RL money, which can be sent via paypal, if this is something you'd like to do, just talk to me in game, PM me on the YPP forums, or IM me on Yahoo instant messenger. My ID is djstarsha8 on Yahoo, and on the YPP forums, my ID is sarianastar.

On the video page, there are two links to each video, if for some reason the first link does not work, look towards the bottom of the same page, for the youtube or alternate version of the video. The videos are created with a program called Proshow Gold and with it comes what is called a Web Show. This works on most computers, only Mac users and Linux users have had some issue with it, due to the fact there is no plugin for the browsers on those Operating Systems. So the alternate link for the video works for those systems just fine. The plug-in is small, takes only a moment to install and is WELL worth it for the quality of the video.

To the Videos!!!